My Passion: Creating Contemporary Ideas I am on an eternal journey of creativity and innovation. Being a strategic thinker and a creative person with an inclination to innovate, I feel blessed to have the mindset and the courage to think out-of-the-box. It helps me to find and bridge the gaps that exist in the market place. To innovate is to possess the courage to explore without having the fear of failure. Thanks to this attitude that I developed as the founder of Banana, a creative agency since 2003 which is being restructured, I can steadily move on conquering my fears and consistently innovating new ideas. How do I add value? The core advantage of working with me is that I have vast experience in media industry that helps me think from a broader perspective and connect the dots with ease. This allows me to do my home task very well and present concepts and ideas which have the potential to get approved in the first presentation itself. My belief: "A business without innovation is like a vehicle without wheels".
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