This article is aimed at people who want to make WoW Classic WLK Gold with their professions. However, with an expansion launch, the prices of things will be Volatile and more profitable things may happen. Stay tuned to Wowhead for updates. Here are Wowhead's recommendations for gold making!

Best professions to make Gold in Dragonflight

While you can theoretically make lots of Gold from any profession, there are a handful that stand out as the real money makers. Let’s get into which ones are the best.


Enchanting is good for a handful of reasons, but the main one is that you won’t have to switch up your playstyle much to reap the rewards. You’ll also be able to enchant your own gear, which is always nice.

You’ll also be able to disenchant weapons and gear which will help you rake in the extra goodies like Resonant Crystal. As you gather extra gear pieces throughout the expansion, you’ll be able to disenchant them, gather valuable materials, and earn Gold.


One of the two gathering professions we have here, Herbalism offers players the chance to make money by refining herbs as well as maxing out their collection of Rousing Essences.

To rank up your Herbalism, make sure to utilize Mastering the Elements in order to gain more Essences along the way.


Jewelcrafters can make the new Draconic Vials, which are a necessary item for other crafters. Aside from that new item, you have the standard array of rings, amulets, and the sort that Jewelcrafters are known for within World of Warcraft. While Jewelcrafting is extremely profitable, it’s also relatively boring. Great riches await those with the patience, however, as Jewelcrafters are able to offer some unique mechanics such as Soul Cages and Soul Inhalers.

If you’re looking to make the most money with this profession, converting ores into expensive gems and resources is an easy path to riches. Much like Inscription, Crafting Orders will offer you a slew of gold as well for a tidy sum. Watch the market closely, and find the unavailable gems to make a killing with this profession.


Leatherworking is the best profession in Dragonflight if you want to make loads of gold. As a leatherworker, you will be making Leather and Mail gear for all classes. The amount of money you will make highly depends on the Quality mechanic. As you level up, you will get new recipes. You also have Special Elemental Patterns where you can make gear with special effects. Leatherworkers get many Equipment Recipes to start making Gold early in the game.


Make the cloth gear for those that try not to get hit. It’s a simple life for a tailor, but Dragonflight brings a few new mechanics for all crafters to explore, such as offering additional experience for each first recipe craft. The big money for Tailoring is with Crafting Orders, allowing the fulfillment of bulk orders for a pleasant sum of money. This is the path to riches for the Tailor, although the ability to outfit mages and the like within the guild is always an added benefit.

Tailors will also come across a few time-gated resources, much like Inscribers. Ultimately, however, there simply isn’t too much utility that a Tailor can offer aside from gear and bulk orders. Focus on first crafts to maximize experience in the new system, and roll through as many orders as possible.


For Leatherworkers, they'll be making both leather and mail armor that immediately give them a huge audience to craft gear for, including the new Evoker class, so that's going to be great. They also have special Elemental patterns, which are basically special crafted gear. All of this gear comes with special effects, but those effects do count as embellishments, and you can only have two embellishments on your gear at any one time, so these effects have to be really good to take up one of those two slots. They can also make special Leatherworking reagents, some finishing materials, armor kits for leg enchants as well as one or two ranged weapons for the hunters. Leatherworkers also get a lot of profession gear recipes, almost as many as Blacksmithing, so that's another great early gold-making option.

That's all from us on the Best Professions in WoW Dragonflight. Note that we mentioned these ones as they match our playstyle. You can also check out other occupations like Enchanting, Tailoring, Inscription, and more based on your gameplay. Hope it helps. If you like this guide or buy Classic WLK Gold to help you enjoy the game, please visit