The long-lost feeling of happiness, in love, she is more and more beautiful and brilliant, sitting in a beautiful car, bathed in the golden sunshine, like a noble queen in an oil painting. Ye Haoyu got on the bus and sat beside Yu Le. He said in a tone of admiration, "Your ancient martial arts are so great that you can break the Ninjutsu of the Iga family.". You gave in to me in the garden last time, didn't you? Thank you Yu Le said modestly, "Don't mention it. You also let me at that time." The night Yang hugs the small white, the morning night Haoyu stuck out the tongue to make a grimace, "Hum, now you know my mother's fierce.". Don't mess with her again! "Your mother is very brave, resourceful, agile and calm," said Ye Haoyu. With a bright smile on his face, Yu Le couldn't help saying, "Didn't you call me a smelly woman two days ago?" With a deep sigh, Ye Haoyu said softly, "That's because I have no eyes." Only the sound of Xiaobai's tongue exhaling was heard in the car. Passing by the hospital, Ye Zhen looked back and asked, "Dead boy, are your feet still bleeding?" "Dad, my foot is fine. It's almost fine." In the dead of night, Ye Haoyu could not help pushing open the closed door of Yu Le's mother and son. Sleeping on the carpet,sonicator homogenizer, Xiao Bai stood up warily and ran to his feet to sniff back and forth. From the beginning of dinner, Yu Le anticipated what he wanted to say to himself, has been avoiding, do not want to hear him say more, but he actually came to the door in the middle of the night. She didn't want to wake up Yeyang's dream. She got out of bed quietly and came out with her slippers. She followed Yehaoyu into his room. She came straight to the point and said, "Why don't you sleep so late? What's the matter with me?" Night Haoyu closed the door, pulled her to sit on the edge of the bed, face to face seriously said: "Yu Le, please give me a chance?"? The baby can't live without his father. If we are separated, his childhood will have a shadow. Yu Le was stunned on the spot. He said this two days late. If he had said it the night before yesterday, maybe for the sake of the baby, she would have thought about it regardless of the past, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, but she had promised to be Sky's girlfriend! Ye Haoyu said excitedly: "I don't want my baby to be like me!"! At that time, I lost my mother and hated my father very much. I always wanted to leave the family. At the age of fourteen, I went abroad to study. In adolescence, no one took care of me. I made many bad friends and contracted a bad habit. I also asked people to tell my father all the absurd things I did in order to get back at him. Yu Le interrupted and said, "No!"! The baby won't be like you! How could you live such a luxurious life if you cut off your financial resources early in the morning and let you be self-reliant? It has always been the night that Dad felt guilty about you, in order to make up for it, to meet all your demands, which is why today's situation is created. You can rest assured that since I gave birth to a baby, I will strictly discipline and train him well! Ye Haoyu was speechless by her sharp words. Yu Le asked in reply, "The baby has called you Daddy today, which means he is beginning to accept you.". Don't you think the baby is more mature and sensible than many children of the same age? Ye Haoyu frowned and nodded lightly. The little rascal's behavior ability was really better than that of a boy of eight or nine years old. Instead, his silence encouraged Yu Le's desire to speak. He said with a little excitement: "Let me tell you a secret. When I was pregnant, I brought my family's ancestral spiritual beads. So my baby and I are connected, and we can feel each other's joys and sorrows. So far, the baby has no intention of hoping that you and I will get back together.". Even if you can be a qualified father, you can't be a qualified husband. And I've been waiting for you for more than four years! To put it bluntly, you have never given me a sense of security. I have long been disheartened by you, I have waited enough, enough enough, so there is absolutely no possibility between us! Don't use the baby as an excuse in the future. I didn't stop you from touching the baby. You are still his father! At this time, Yu Le said all the words in his heart, vented, and his anger over the years gradually disappeared. Where is love without hate? The trace of anger in his eyes passed away quickly, and the expression on his face returned to calm and natural, as if nothing had happened. Two people sit on the edge of the bed for a long time quietly looking at each other, the matter has not been completely resolved, Yu Le does not intend to leave, the heart has a lot of patience to wait. (Extraordinary light speed hand play) Finally, Ye Haoyu asked bitterly, "Do you have a lover?"? Do you want to marry Lu Ziqi? "I have a sweetheart, but not Lv Ziqi," said Yu Le. Don't think too much. I don't want to get married for the time being. Everything has to wait until the baby is thirteen years old. "Then who is he?" Asked Ye Haoyu word by word. Yu Lehu said suspiciously, "He?"? Didn't you see it today. You're making out with him! Ye Haoyu thought about it, sighed, looked at the injured dodge, shook his head and said: "I didn't think it was him?"? No wonder he flew all the way here. No wonder he came back in a helicopter with you. I'm so stupid. Last night he defended you against injustice. He told me himself that there was no love between him and his dead wife. The most painful thing in the world is that a respected friend falls in love with his wife. I didn't expect it to happen to me! "What dead wife?" Yu Le wondered? Has he ever had a wife? Isn't he unmarried? If he doesn't have a wife, how can he have a daughter? No wonder Cher doesn't reject you. It turned out that Big Brother Long had told Cher in advance to accept you as her stepmother! God! Yu Le looked at him, almost laughing, this fool actually misunderstood her and Long Xuan Ang, how is this possible? Could it be that his spoiling of Long Cher was a remedy for his dead wife? Volume 2 15 House of the Emperor Yu Le can not help laughing at the appearance of the night Haoyu heartache unceasingly,ultrasonic generator driver, why say such a serious thing, she will laugh? Are you laughing at him? "I'm not as good as Big Brother Long.". In your heart, he is a hundred times stronger than me! 。