Zhou Cheng thought about it, but was lost in thought! There is one thing, Zhou Cheng has always felt very strange, very elusive. It turned out that since Zhou Cheng was reborn, although he had seen many killings between heaven and earth, he had also seen monastic people killing and setting fire everywhere. I've seen monsters eat people, and I've seen devils. But there is one thing. Zhou Cheng has been unable to understand that there is only killing and power between heaven and earth, but there has been no justice to speak of. At the time of the war between the three Lich clans, the Terrans were almost killed cleanly, but if Zhou Cheng hadn't done it himself, the two Lich clans would have killed the Terrans long ago, but they would not have been damaged at all. At that time, Zhou Cheng also flew into a rage and began to kill witches and demons, but the disaster that fell from heaven and earth was indirect, only to let the Lich II. Weakened the luck, but did not let the Lich two clans suffer any direct. This is not normal. There should be a strict rule between heaven and earth, that is, people who cultivate Taoism or demons can not kill mortals wantonly, if they kill them, they should be punished, but now there is a lack of such a rule. Did you ever think of that!? Hongjun asked. Zhou Cheng did not answer, but he was still thinking. Since there is a lack of rules between heaven and earth, it means that someone needs to make up for it. Monastic people can not kill people at random, if the strength of monastic people is high to a certain level, they should not go to the lower world to harm the mortal world at will. And these rules, in the final analysis, are to establish a strict system,ultrasonic cutting machine, a system that people in the world have to worry about, have to abide by, or involuntarily abide by. God!!! Yes, that is, less plunder, the world is less soaring! Now under the way of heaven, although there is punishment from heaven, but that thing is too advanced, ordinary people will not be punished for making trouble and killing people, only those who violate the operation of the way of heaven will be punished. But the real popular heaven plunder,ultrasonic extraction cbd, but never, not only ordinary people have not heard of, that is, Zhou became the sage of the mixed yuan, is also not seen. There are so many disciples in Qingqiu Mountain, and the highest strength, such as Kong Xuan, has been cultivated to the strength of the quasi-leader, but Zhou Cheng has never seen the plunder of heaven, nor has he ever seen any disciple crossing the plunder. The way of heaven is indeed incomplete, even if there is Hongjun and the way, but for example, there is still no robbery. This is also a deficiency in the way of heaven! And Fei Sheng has never heard of it. There is a fairy world, but every once in a while, it is only the Jade Emperor who issues a decree to select people with profound Taoism to enter the fairy world, but he has never heard of immortals who fly to the fairy world. It's not soaring. It's all recruited. This has created an extremely bad phenomenon. Outside the mountain may be a mortal world, but the mountain may be a fairy cave house, which may be peaceful for a while, but over time, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, there will always be problems. After all, if immortals and mortals are too close, it is not a good thing after all. Inevitably, some people do things that violate morality and kill those mortals, or like the Lich, in order to refine some more sinister magic weapons, and kill people to seize the souls of mortals. These are real existence, but Zhou Cheng has been feeling, but not as clear as today. If the great magic power and the great supernatural power are given to the way of heaven, all the people who cultivate the way will ascend. Then when they ascend, the punishment will be determined according to the severity of the killing disaster. In this way, there will be fewer people who do evil. Or even if you do evil, you dare to do evil, then there will be this day to punish you, light is to let you fly up, can not be developed, heavy is to let your soul be destroyed, can not cultivate again, from now on and immortal way! It's time to make some rules of heaven and earth. Zhou Cheng said, "Does the teacher want to make some rules and regulations for this heaven and earth?" "What do you think of the rules?" Asked Hongjun. "In my opinion," said Zhou Cheng, "this rule should be to restrain all the monastic people in the world. As long as the strength of the monastic people reaches a certain height, there will be a disaster. According to the weight of killing and plundering during the period of monasticism, the punishment will be determined. If it is too heavy, then the soul will be destroyed. If the person's good fortune is very high, then he will be rewarded by the plunder of heaven, refine his body and shape it, and make a good achievement! "This is very much to my liking.". What is missing between heaven and earth is such a rule. To ask you to hand over the Pangu Sword is to make up for the lack of the Tao of Heaven. I don't want you to understand it completely! "For the sake of all the people in the world, even if I lose this ancient sword, why not?" Hongjun nodded his head and said, "There is still one thing missing if you want to set up the Heavenly Plunder and fly up.". But it is the cause and effect of the map of mountains and rivers and the ancient sword that I said in those years. At this time, it is too much! With that, he broke through the void and grabbed a piece of silk in his hand. It was the map of mountains and rivers. Pangu Sword stands in the majesty of Heaven and is in charge of the punishment of all walks of life! The map of mountains and rivers maintains the stability of the soaring space, and gives the power of refining and shaping! After that, Hongjun held the Pangu Sword in his hand and drew it out, but it was to reshape all walks of life except the land of China, the demon world, and the fairy world. Then he pointed to the Pangu Sword and the map of mountains and rivers, giving them the ability, and then threw it straight away! Heavenly plunder! Chapter 222 the plunder of heaven shows that immortals, mortals, ghosts and gods go their separate ways. Zhou Cheng often thinks that he has never been a genius, but he is a good student, a student who can concentrate on watching others and absorb their strengths. You like, she also loves, makes the human nature words with all one's strength the literature site, reads the book to bid farewell to the book shortage from now on! At the time of rebirth, Zhou Cheng had the honor to witness the super legend of Pangu's creation of heaven and earth, playing flood and famine, which can be described as a coincidence of chance, destiny and fortune reached the acme! Today, Zhou Cheng is still very lucky, because on the basis of Pangu's creation of heaven and earth, he saw Hongjun re-set heaven and earth, set the punishment of heaven, and ruled that immortals and ghosts were robbed. It is very hard to open the sky, and it is not a matter of lifting hands and feet. It is like a jade cup. It is easy to break it, but it is even more difficult to make it change intact! Hongjun's re-creation of heaven and earth did not involve too many complicated processes, nor was it like Pangu's creation of heaven,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, which was made in a hurry by those boiling and uncontrollable water, fire and wind, and the clear and turbid atmosphere. fycgsonic.com