Li Hanqiu looked at the people who had gathered around, each standing in the same direction, and naturally blocked their way. He was greatly surprised. He secretly said, "Could it be that these people are all the men of Jiangnan Shuangxia? They deliberately pretend to be people watching the scene of bustle, looking for trouble from unidentified people. Even if it causes a fight, it is also a conflict between guests. It's not a big deal. This is a wonderful way!" Wu Heng burst out laughing and said, "Who is that brother Tian?" "Brother Chen Qi," said Li Hanqiu coldly. "Is Brother Chen from Chuanzhong, too?" Asked Wu Heng. "No," said Li Hanqiu. "My brother came here from the Central Plains." Lei Fei answered, "We are new friends." "I see," said Wu Heng. Lei Fei laughed and said, "Brother Wu is digging into us like this, as if he were guarding the flower field." These words, the voice is extremely loud, at this time caused a reaction, many people rushed over. "Don't get me wrong, Brother Tian," said Wu Heng hurriedly. "Brother has nothing to do with this flower fair." "That's Brother Wu's fault," said Lei Fei. "If you have anything to do with the Flower Fair, it's reasonable. If you have nothing to do with the Flower Fair, you can get to the bottom of it and ask me clearly where I came from. What's your intention?" Wu Heng laughed and said, "Brother Tian has too much heart. I just want to make friends with Brother Tian." "In that case," said Lei Fei,ultrasonic dispersing machine, "my brother was wrong about Wu Jian." "Let it be," said Wu Heng, "but Brother Tian has no intention of making friends with his brother, and his brother is not reluctant to do so." Turn around and stride away. See points around the six or seven big fellow, together with Wu Heng behind the line. Suddenly I heard a cold voice shouting: "Stop!" Li Hanqiu gazed and saw a middle-aged man dressed in black, with a black scarf and black shoes, slowly coming out of the crowd. If you don't pay attention, it's all right. When you look carefully, you only feel that his clothes are very strange. Wu Heng glanced at the man in black and said,ultrasonic dispersion machine, "Who are you?" At this time, there were more and more people watching the scene of bustle. Wu Heng and others had taken the momentum of encircling Lei Fei and others, but at the moment, they were surrounded by the people watching the scene of bustle. As soon as Li Hanqiu turned his eyes, he saw no less than fifty or sixty people gathered in the flower field to watch the scene of bustle. He said to himself, "If this becomes a dispute, it is bound to alarm the two swordsmen in the south of the Yangtze River." But the man in black said coldly, "I'm asking you." "What do you want to ask?" Asked Wu Heng. Man in black: "Your Excellency's identity, is hired?"? Or the tourists who come here? Wu Heng only felt that the face of the man in black was as cold as the cold wind blowing out of the ice cellar and hell. It looked a little frightening. As long as he looked at his people and his appearance, it was not difficult to imagine that the martial arts he had learned must be a strange and vicious one. The man in black had not heard Wu Heng's answer for a long time. He could not bear to answer, saying, "I have asked you twice.". I already asked the first time. Are you hired? Or the tourists who come here? Wu Heng was a little jealous of the man in black, but it seemed that he was the only one who had no companions or assistants. He could not help but feel emboldened. With a sneer, he asked in reply, "Your Excellency's tone is very loud. I think you must be a man of great fame." "I've already asked twice," said the man in black. "Your Excellency has always answered the wrong question." "I've heard it all," said Wu Heng. "Your Excellency is overbearing.." The man in black suddenly stepped forward and reached for it. Wu Heng's body flashed to avoid a blow. The man in black moved so quickly that without waiting for Wu Heng to fight back, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, he hit out with his left and right palms. Wu Heng looked at his hands and ten fingers above, all with very long nails, that nails are also different from ordinary people, the color is blue, can not help but be shocked. Heart a panic, hands and feet also for a slow, dodge slightly slow. He felt a slight pain on the back of his left hand, which was gently scratched by the fingernails of the man in black. As soon as Wu Heng inhaled, he jumped back four feet. The man in black stopped chasing him and said coldly, "What is your identity?" Wu Heng looked at the wound on his left hand and saw that the wound was swollen very high. He was surprised and angry. With his right hand, he pulled out a dagger. But the man in black said coldly, "You have no chance to do it. Within a meal, you will have a poisonous attack unless you can cut off your left hand now." "I have no quarrel with you," said Wu Heng. "I've warned you again and again," said the man in black. "If you don't believe me, there's nothing you can do about it." "But I can hurt you before the poison breaks out," said Wu Heng. The man in black sneered and said, "Do you still want to bet your luck?" "Kill for your life," said Wu Heng, "and pay for your debts. Now that you have done harm to me, I don't have to talk to you about benevolence, righteousness and morality. The man in black said coldly, "If you have any ability, just use it." Wu Heng raised his dagger and waved it, and five big men suddenly ran out of the crowd. Li Hanqiu said to Lei Fei in a low voice, "Shall we help him?" "Don't hurry," said Lei Fei. "Let's watch the fun first." At this time, the number of people gathered on the flower field, more and more, has been more than a hundred people, Lei Fei and Li Hanqiu hidden in the crowd, later people, but do not know that this is caused by the two of them. The man in black gave a sneer and said, "Are you going to use weapons?" "Yes, bright guy," said Wu Heng. But heard the sound of a swish, surrounded by five big fellow, all pulled out the blade. Five ghost-headed knives are shining in the light of colored lanterns. But someone in the crowd gave a sneer and said, "Six against one. It's not fair." Wu Heng turned his eyes and looked around, only to see the speaker, a tall man, about forty years old, dressed in a strong suit, covered with a cloak, the sword handle through the cloak, fluttering yellow tassels. Can not help but move in the heart, secret way: "This flower meeting, all kinds of characters, identity complex unusual, I bully the few, I am afraid to arouse the anger of the public, it can not be cleaned up." In the heart read turn, unexpectedly dare not make a move. The man in black gave a sneer and said, "Why don't you do it?" Wu Heng had to see the wind and turn the rudder. "I'd like to know your name first,ultrasonic handheld welder," he said. The man in black said coldly, "Since I don't want to make friends with you, it's not necessary to report your name." 。