For some reason it is not proper to disturb the reader with all the details of our adventures in that part of the sea, except as follows: On the way to the East Indies, a severe storm blew us to the northwest of Chidimmenland. According to the observation, we found that the position was 30 degrees and 2 minutes south latitude. Twelve of the crew were killed by overwork and poor diet,Inflatable meltdown, and the rest were extremely weak. On the 5th of November, when it was early summer in those parts,Inflatable bouncer, and the sky was foggy, the sailors found a rock half a chain from the ship; but the wind was so strong that we were driven straight against it, and the ship broke off at once. Six crew members, Inflatable outdoor park ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, including me, put the life-saving boat into the sea and tried their best to get away from the ship and the rocks. By my reckoning we had only three leagues to go, and we had no more strength to row, for we had run out of strength in the ship, and we were at the mercy of the waves. About half an hour later, a gust of wind blew from the north and capsized the boat. What became of the companions in the boat, and of those who fled on the rocks, or who remained in the ship, I cannot say, but I am sure they were all lost. As for myself, I swam in resignation, pushed forward by the wind and waves. I sank my legs from time to time,Inflatable outdoor park, but I couldn't reach the bottom. When I saw that I was going to be finished and could no longer struggle, I suddenly felt that the water was not deep enough to destroy the top, and by this time the storm had greatly weakened. The bottom of the sea was so steep that I walked almost a mile before I reached the shore. I think it was about eight o'clock in the evening. I went on.