2.2 billion? Are you kidding me? Feng Xiaochen said disdainfully, "We were originally interested in these core assets, so we can accept the premium of other assets.". Now that this part of the core assets can not fall into our hands, the rest of the information is chicken ribs for us. If Pumai Group is willing to transfer at a price of 1.2 billion euros, we may consider accepting more than 1.2 billion euros, which we will not accept in any case. "It's impossible!" Heinzl said, "Your financial personnel have made a detailed assessment of the Pumai factory, and the assets of the Pumai factory, as well as goodwill, are worth at least 3 billion euros.". We promised to transfer it for 2.2 billion euros, which is already a great transfer of value. How can we make concessions again? "If so, we will refuse to buy Pumai." Feng Xiaochen said, intending to get up and leave. Yang Haifan grabbed him and said: "General Manager Feng, this matter.." I think it's negotiable. Hasn't Huo's company signed a contract with Pumai yet? I think it is acceptable for us to acquire the complete assets of Pumai at a price of 2.5 billion euros if Huo's company abandons the acquisition of these assets. Chapter 873 conditions of Hoteby. Acting, it must be acting! Bovard looked at the dialogue between Feng Xiaochen and Yang Haifan and made a judgment in his heart. Feng Xiaochen's tone sounded very hard,inflatable castle with slide, but the expression on his face betrayed him, and he was clearly reluctant to give up the project. As for Yang Haifan, naturally belongs to the one who plays the good cop, his role is to avoid making things too stiff, so that Feng Xiaochen has no downhill steps. The negotiations that followed were somewhat clouded. The EU expressed the hope that China would retain at least 2000 workers in employment after the acquisition of Pumai, and retain more than 50% of its spare parts purchases in Europe. Feng Xiaochen and Yang Haifan argued with the EU on this issue on the grounds that the core technology was not available,Inflatable indoor park, saying that if the EU did not change its original intention, they would not commit to employment issues. In the boring war of words, the first round of the second round of negotiations came to an end. Everyone needed to eat, adjust their emotions and discuss countermeasures. Bovard symbolically said that he would invite Chinese guests to lunch, but Feng Xiaochen refused very rudely. Feng Xiaochen's performance was naturally interpreted as a strategy by Bovard. Gentlemen, I don't understand what's going on. After seeing off the Chinese, Hoteby said to Heinzl and Bovard in a very discontented manner: "Hoteby seems to have been inadvertently involved in a dispute between you and the Chinese.". I'm afraid that if the deal between you and the Chinese can't be done smoothly, my investment will be lost, and the technology I get will not create any value. "I assure you, this is completely impossible!" "The Chinese urgently need access to Pumai's technology," Heinzl said. Once they get Pumai's technology, Inflatable water obstacle course ,inflatable water slide, they will be able to make far more than 2.5 billion euros in profits from infrastructure projects around the world in the next few years. Chinese people are very good at investment, and they will not give up this project. Hoteby shrugged. "That's just your opinion. As far as I know, Chinese people are very concerned about face. They may not be sensitive to price, but they want to be respected.". They want the whole company, and you spin off part of it, which will make them unhappy, so the possibility that they will give up the merger is very high. "That's up to you." "Mr. Hoteby, if you can make them feel that the technology in your hands is not inconvenient for them, they will be willing to accept this way of acquisition," Bovard said. "How can I do that?" I think the Chinese will contact you soon. You should assure them that after you get the core technology of Pumai, you will not have any reservations from them, so that they will be willing to accept our plan. Bovard said. However, this is just your promise, in fact, you can not give all the technology to the Chinese. Heinzl hastened to declare. "May I take it that your two demands are contradictory?" Hoteby asked coldly, looking at Heinzl and Bovard. Heinzl said: "I and Mr. Bovard's view is completely the same, that is, we hope that the Chinese can accept the construction machinery division of Pumai, while avoiding the loss of Pumai's core technology to the Chinese hands, which is why we need Huo's company as a third party to intervene in this transaction.". Mr. Bovard, do you think there's a problem with my presentation? "In principle, there is no problem." That's all Bovard can say. Heinzl is a man who will complain everywhere. If Bovard dares to say that he does not care about the loss of core technology to the Chinese, the next day the US Department of Commerce will come to trouble the European Commission. Hotby nodded and said, "I see.". You want me to put on a show in front of the Chinese, to make them think that they can cooperate with me completely, but not to let them really get these technologies. "Yes, Mr. Hoteby, I'm sure you can do it." Heinzl said happily. "I will try my best," said Hoteby. However, Mr. Heinzl, your previous offer did not include the cost of inviting me to act. You should know that if I do so, the reputation of the company will be damaged, and I hope that this damage will be compensated. "Compensation?" Heinzl's eyes widened. "How can this need compensation?"? As you can see, after the Chinese buy the rest of our assets, they have to cooperate with you. When the time comes,inflatable floating water park, you can arbitrarily raise the price of patent use, these benefits belong to you, you can get some compensation from the Chinese. 。 joyshineinflatables.com