Then, programs in different languages appear on the screen. After a few changes, it was financial news again. This time, it was Al Jazeera, which was also broadcasting the news of the change of ownership of the chairman of Sky Group. Monica's face was not beautiful in the picture. The following English subtitles have confirmed CNN news just now. Monica's return from the dead must have spread all over the world-although I lost the Sky Group, she helped me get it back. In the early morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, she said she would go to New York to help me recapture the Sky Group. At that time, I didn't believe her at all. Now, I was wrong. She's right. She's my goddess. She's the savior of the world. Unfortunately, she is not with me, to be exact, I am not with her. How can I repay her for what she has done for me? How can I express my love for him? How can you multiply your own stupidity and arrogance? Monica! Monica! Monica! I'm on the other side of the world begging for your forgiveness. The white moonlight came out of the clouds again and shone on the faces of everyone in the garbage dump. However, Monica's return to the helm of Sky Group is a fatal blow to Murong Yun and Matrix-their plot to annex Sky Group has gone bankrupt again, and perhaps the Sodom oil project will change again. Therefore, Murong Yun was in a hurry to come over, he had to find the mask of the King of Lanling,inflatable air dancer, so that he could reverse the situation again. Besides, he has a wooden eye. Leer? In a minute. The eyes appeared in front of me. It's still a dump, outside Duanmu's shack. The middle-aged couple next door had hidden the broken TV and satellite receiver to prevent the treasure from being stolen by the neighbors. Someone called my name behind me: "High Energy!" Still a young girl, I suddenly looked back and saw two figures, one was the old man Duanmu, the other was the eyes I had missed day and night. Her? What's she doing here? Unfortunately,inflatable amusement park, she came too late, if it was a few months ago, her return would have made me crazy, but now. She was wearing a black coat and her neck was bulging with a scarf, which was not very natural. She struggled to help grandpa, the old man staggered as if injured, I hurried over to hold the old man: "What happened?" Qiu Bo says anxiously: "Let grandpa come down first!" Let grandpa come down first! We carried the old man into the shack, and the kerosene lamp lit up the humble room, but the old man shouted softly, "Be careful not to touch the chessboard!" "Are you still thinking about playing chess with me, old man?" I turned and asked softly, inflatable floating water park ,Jumping castle with slide, "What's wrong with him?" "I didn't know how badly I was hurt when I fell from the building." "What?" An octogenarian, even if he is in good health at ordinary times, can't fall down the stairs! Isn't it killing him? I stared into Leer's eyes and asked, "What happened?" She, whom I hadn't seen for months, shrank back in fear. The woman I had liked looked even more pitiful, just like the blind girl in those days. Why was she still so beautiful? My Monica has changed her appearance? If I had to choose between the big beauty and the hatred of the duckling Monica, I would choose the latter. Whether Duanmu Quandiao still loves Murong Yun or not. I remember that at the top of Sheshan Mountain in autumn, she was between me and Murong Yun. When I chose Murong Yun to leave, I was so sad and desperate, as if I had lost the most important thing in my life. Now, I feel so naive that time will really erase everything. Monica is an exception. Murong Yun can not really love her, the final victim can only be poor eyes. I'm sorry She bowed her head all over, like a little girl who had done something wrong. "Murong Yun brought me back. He said only I could help him-he would let me see each other, then see Grandpa, and get a mask from him.". I also wanted to see my brother and grandpa, so I followed him back to China and saw my brother soon. So my brother and I came to find Grandpa. "Sure enough, Duanmuliang has always been Murong Yun's man-no wonder the old man has never trusted him.". ” "My brother and I found Grandpa together and said we had something important to say to him-Grandpa, I'm sorry!" Her eyes were red as if she had cried, and now she shed tears again. What did you say? "I said —" she was so frightened by my question that her lips turned purple. "A few days ago, someone injected me with a virus that will slowly consume my body and eventually kill me. I also showed him my neck." Then she untied the scarf around her neck, and on the surface of her white and pink skin, there was a large black mark, like a tumor or blood clot, which looked very ugly and terrible. My God, what is this? Actually, it's just someone else's makeup for me. But I said it was an outbreak of a virus that would spread throughout the body in 24 hours, and then even God couldn't save my life. There is only one serum that can destroy the virus, and there are only a few bottles of this serum left in the world, all kept in a secret laboratory-controlled by the person who injected me with the virus. "My God, how can you deceive your grandfather with such a clumsy lie?" I wonder if Duanmuliang's brain is broken, or if he reads too many martial arts novels? "My brother said that the purpose of the other party was to mask the King of Lanling. As long as the serum was injected in time, it would save my life without leaving any sequelae.". I also thought Grandpa could not believe it, but I didn't expect Grandpa to say that he was willing to make all sacrifices for me as long as he could save my life. So Grandpa took us out of the dump and got on a bus, only to get to the terminal and back. "Isn't that a circle?" Qiu Bo held his head painfully. "Yes, I came back here after two hours. It's a dilapidated residential building nearby.". Grandpa rented one of the rooms,Inflatable indoor park, but he never lived in it. The room was full of all kinds of garbage. He found a tin box from the garbage and said that the mask of the King of Lanling was inside. However, he refused to give the mask to his brother, saying that he would see them inject me with life-saving serum and observe me for more than three months before he could hand it over. 。