Um. Hungry He held his stomach and changed his position. Just eat her when you're done. Pear vortex smile, white with red, a charming oval face, thick eyelashes flapping behind the squinting eyes. She doesn't look anything like Her Royal Highness, but, but. He swallowed and suddenly found one thing, as if he couldn't bite. He frowned, turned over impatiently, thought about it, and lifted the hem of his robe to reveal his long white legs. Staring at his feet with flat toes, round toes, one next to the other, white and tender, clean, as if he had not walked much in the boudoir. But how could he forget that his feet were always covered with scars, blood, bruises, and mud in the past, and that even he himself did not want to look at them more, if it were not for His Highness Purple, he would have. Meditate, to meditate, let bygones be bygones, what he needs now is to meditate, to complete the task with all his strength, not to be cranky. Then she came over, washed her hands and face in the stream, saw the phosphorescence on the leaves, suddenly hungry, like herself,x56 line pipe, saw the red wild fruit outside the cave to satisfy her hunger, step by step to the cave, and saw herself. Suddenly a burst of impetuosity, he could not bear to move again, suddenly found wrong. Eyes incredible, hesitating to look at themselves, face, suddenly faded. At this time, there was movement outside the cave. Yuyan fled into the deep forest, leaving behind a group of grateful little black people of the same kind,316ti stainless steel, not without a little guilt. It's just that this little guilt is insignificant compared with the fact that she will have no food or clothing when she is wandering in the future. She has suffered a lot, hasn't she? What's more, she only promised to invite everyone to eat meat, but did not promise to pay the bill! Those monsters are not related to me. Why do you want me to be a sucker! As soon as I thought about it, I began to be righteous again. Other skills may not be outstanding, but don't forget that her ability to comfort herself is first-class. Yuyan walked deeper and deeper in the woods, gradually leaving a little guilt behind, but it was followed by uneasiness. She found that she had walked around the woods several times, but she still found familiar scenery, like a dog chasing her tail around, and she lost her way. She tried to look up at the stars, and as a result, the moon was very good tonight. The bright moon is naturally accompanied by sparse stars. She searched for the Big Dipper for a long time, but she couldn't find any of them. She tried to leave marks on the passing trunks, but she kept finding trees marked by herself, which did not guide her in the right direction at all. Finally, she was so tired that she panted and sat down against a big tree, thinking that she would be able to go out at dawn. When her breathing subsided, she suddenly heard the sound of water, murmuring, which could be heard very clearly in the dead of night. She was shocked, x60 line pipe ,a333 grade 6 pipe, found the water source, and then walked along the water source, but she was afraid that she could not walk to the place where there were people. She followed the sound of the water and found a mountain stream, not very wide, flowing slowly, like a silver ribbon in the moonlight. She walked upstream along the mountain stream, and the night wind brought a few murmurs of autumn insects and unknown flowers. The scenery of the autumn night is actually very beautiful, but she is the only one. She suddenly missed a person, if he was here now, he would stand beside the stream, put on a natural and unrestrained posture, or slightly raise his face to look up at the sky, or look at the distant waves, let the wind blow his robe, he would only stand motionless, no one in the eyes, no matter how surprised others were at his appearance. Hey, I can't think about it. When I think about it, my heart is like a mess of grass. She walked a few steps to the stream, rolled up her sleeves, squatted down, and scooped up water to wash her face. The palms are closed, and the moon is reflected. It is fifteen, so round and so bright. She thought of a line from a poem: "Holding the water and the moon in my hand, the clothes are full of flowers.". Well, is there a flower here? It smells so good. There was a strange feeling in her heart, and when she poured the cool water on her face with a crash, dried it with her sleeve, and opened her eyes, she suddenly forgot who she was and why she was here. What a beautiful scene! Are you a visitor here? Clear light, shining on the grass, streams, like a painting, shining on the nearby shrubs, like gold powder rendering techniques sprinkled on a little bit of luxury. Well, I'm so hungry that I forgot to have dinner because of the beautiful scenery? She looked around for something to eat, and her eyes suddenly froze on a curtain of vines with coral red fruits. It looks delicious. She went over and pinched off a bunch of plump red berries the size of fingernails, giving off an attractive fragrance. She carefully squeezed some juice and smeared it on her arm. When the juice was dry, there was no abnormal reaction on her skin. So, these fruits should not be poisonous. She picked one up and threw it into her mouth, squinting her eyes, sweet and sour, delicious. She picked a handful, eating one side and lifting the curtain of vines, behind which was like a cave, but it was bright and shining like a gem. Is anyone there? She raised her voice and asked. No one answered. She threw a few more fruits into her mouth and stepped into the cave. There was a strange smell, she shrugged her nose, not fragrance, not bad smell, but people feel, how to say, very comfortable, very meaning, very. Emotional. As soon as I close my eyes, a gentle, white and tender body appears in front of me, which makes people's blood boil. Think about it blindly. You can see that you will be cranky. She threw a bunch of fruit into her mouth and took two more steps inside. Well, it was really bright. It turned out to be a stalactite cave. It was said that this kind of stalactite took hundreds of years to grow an inch. It was very rare, and it was really beautiful. Gorgeous and dazzling, but purely natural carving, no vulgarity, immortal cave house, should be like this. She exclaimed and walked step by step into the depths of the cave. Suddenly I felt my eyes blurred, as if I had seen something great. When she opened her eyes wide,uns s32750 sheet, adapted to the brightness of the cave, and saw clearly what it was, she swallowed the fruits in her mouth without chewing them.