Thinking of this, she felt a pain in her heart. She took a hard breath, and her whole body was in pain. —————————— I'm sorry, but the south wind is about to start. Let's have a vaccination first. Where is Mingcui? 6600E06F Once again into the residence of the king of the Qing Dynasty, Murong Qianqian lost the whole person. At this time, everything in the room became extremely obtrusive and annoying. Murong Qianqian angrily lifted all the rare treasures, flower pots and bird bottles that the king of the Qing Dynasty had collected with great concentration, and smashed the fragments on the whole floor. The Mochizuki Tower was filled with the sound of broken ceramics and the sound of bookshelves and cabinets being knocked down at will. Green willow stood by without saying a word, as if nothing had happened, she did not persuade, but quietly watched Qianqian vent at will to make the house messy. Murong Qianqian finally smashed all the things that could be smashed in the house, but at this moment, she was even more lost, her body drooped rapidly, lying on the big bed. Cry bitterly on the stage 。 The feeling of discomfort in her stomach soon came back to her, and she felt like she was going to be vomited out. In the end, she lay there feebly, unable to move. Green willow hurriedly brought water, cleaned up the dirt on the ground, and wiped the dirt for Murong Qianqian. When the handkerchief brushed Qianqian's lips,x56 line pipe, Qianqian suddenly thought of something. She grabbed the hand of the green willow, looked at her, and asked, "Where is Mingcui?"? Where did Mingcui go? The green willow shook his head and did not answer. Murong Qianqian suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart. She was so frightened that her voice trembled. "Where on earth did Mingcui go?"? Do you know? The green willow still did not speak, let follow the hand of Qian Qian to grasp oneself forcefully. Murong Qianqian from the bed. He stood up. But for so long to vent and overdraw physical strength, so that her body is a little weak, the moment she stood up,316 stainless steel plate, she almost fell to the ground. Go and get Mingcui for me. Qianqian looked sharply at the green willow and ordered. When the green willow heard this, his body obviously paused, but he did not speak. This, let Murong Qianqian more frightened, she could not hold back, remember just came out of the prison on the carriage, saw the woman, at that time felt very much like Mingcui. Thinking of this, she felt her whole body trembling. She rushed out regardless of everything. The bodyguard standing at the door of the building was standing there. "Princess, Wang Ye has ordered that the princess can't leave Mochizuki Tower. Please don't embarrass the little ones." "Get out of the way! Get out of the way!" Murong Qianqian tried to rush out regardless, but was still blocked by the bodyguard. "Well, one of you is going to find me Xia Yiqing and tell him to come and see me at once." Murong Qianqian's voice suddenly became very high, and his eyes were very round. Then she went back to her room in a huff, but she sat there full of fear and dread. Slowly, uns c70600 ,347 stainless steel, this feeling enveloped her whole body as if she could not breathe. After waiting for a long time, the green willow even tidied up all the things in the house again, but the king of Qing still had no figure. Finally, very late at night, Murong Qianqian saw the king of the Qing Dynasty returned to Mochizuki Tower. The king of the Qing Dynasty had a faint smell of wine on his body. The smell of wine and the fragrance of the dragon were mixed together. The smell made Murong Qianqian's stomach seem uncomfortable again. She struggled to get up from the bed. She ran to the king of the Qing Dynasty and stared at him. "Tell me quickly, where is Mingcui?" Hearing this, the king of the Qing Dynasty narrowed his eyes and his face was livid. His hand clasped Qianqian in his arms. Then, his cold hand slowly stroked Qianqian's face, making her face tremble. Gradually, there was a light of disgust in the king's eyes, and the light was getting stronger and stronger. After a long time, he asked coldly, "How dare you ask where the lonely king Mingcui has gone? Why don't you think about what you have done?" Do you hate me? Murong Qianqian's heart was startled, and her beautiful face was immediately covered with a layer of inexplicable fear. She grabbed the arm of the King of Qing and asked, "Where is Mingcui now?" The king of the Qing Dynasty shook off Qianqian's hand in disgust. After a while, he uttered two words coldly: "Heaven prison.". ” No, I don't believe it. Tell me, why did Mingcui go to the prison? Murong Qianqian only felt a little dizzy in her mind, she just thought for a long time, the most afraid is this answer. I also want to know why a servant girl who is so loyal and thinks of you everywhere has such a cold master. "The king of Qing had a sarcastic smile on his face and asked in a low voice," Are you satisfied now? " "What do you mean?" What do I mean? I warned you yesterday that no matter what happens, you should leave it alone. But not only did you not listen to my advice, but you caused so many things. In order to rescue you, your loyal Mingcui went to the palace to surrender this morning, saying that she instigated you yesterday, so that Liu Gongyan was beaten. Murong Qianqian, I don't know how you feel now? Do you feel guilty? The ironic smile on the king's face deepened. No, Mingcui, no. Murong Qianqian did not think that this was really the case. Suddenly, there are many pictures of Mingcui in my mind, those hearty laughter, those lovely expressions. These things are noisy into the brain, she grabbed the hand of the king of the Qing Dynasty, her face is full of crystal glass, "I beg you, I beg you to save Mingcui.". I only have Mingcui now, and I only have her as a relative. I'm begging you to help her. As long as you save her, I promise, I will be very obedient in the future, you tell me to go left, I will never go right. "A relative?" Qing Wang's eyes clearly have a trace of shock, he slightly squinted at Murong Qianqian, suddenly his expression became complex and gloomy. Yes, Mingcui and I have been dependent on each other. I have nothing. I only have Mingcui as a relative. Please, help her. Qing Wang shook off Murong Qianqian's hand in disgust. He looked up and took a deep breath. When he looked at Murong Qianqian again,x70 line pipe, his eyes became indifferent. "Sorry, your only relative, the lonely king can't save you." 。