"Then don't think about it, never think about it," said Yu Cuilian. "You don't want me to come up with the inside story, do you?" Gongsun yuanbo exclaimed. Yu Cuilian nodded, and her face was filled with a sad and moving expression. The more Gongsun yuanbo looked at her, the more he felt that her difficulties were very strange. He decided to find out the reason and try his best to help her. Then he said, "I'll stay another day or two until the wind calms down outside." Yu Cuilian was about to speak when suddenly there was a sound of footsteps outside. In a twinkling of an eye, a man carrying a lantern walked into the courtyard. Behind the lantern bearer, Pang Gongdu appeared with a high crown. Yu Cuilian called out "Godfather" through the window. Pang Gongdu went into the room alone and said to them with a smile, "Guess who came just now?" "Has anyone come to our Bureau?" Yu Cuilian exclaimed. Gongsun yuanbo shook slightly and said, "Is the merciless fairy colder than autumn?" Pang Gongdu looked at him doubtfully, nodded and said, "Yes, it was the cold fairy who suddenly came to visit.". The director and I wasted a little effort to deal with her. He paused for a moment and asked, "Why did Mr. Gongsun guess right?" "I don't know why I thought of her," said Gongsun yuanbo. Pang Gongdu said, "The Cold Fairy may not give up, and he will secretly search many places in this Bureau. So please ask Brother Gongsun to hide for a while." Gongsun yuanbo stood up. Pang Gongdu added, "The man outside will take Mr. Gongsun to a secret room. He can't come back here until after tonight." Gongsun yuanbo thought about it and then went out of the room, only to see the man carrying a lantern to lead Pang Gongdu in with his face covered. Without saying a word, the masked man turned and walked away, followed by Gongsun yuanbo. Pass through two courtyards and then turn into a passage. The masked man pushed open a door. Gongsun yuanbo then went in and saw that the lights were bright. It turned out to be a study. He frowned and asked, "Is this the Chamber of Secrets?" The masked man did not answer, but suddenly saw a row of bookcases between the walls silently moved away a few feet, revealing a door, which also had a light, but was an escalator, which turned out to be the secret room below. When Gongsun yuanbo went down, there was a door at the end of the escalator. The black wooden door was open,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and the lights inside were lit, so he could see very clearly. The furniture and furnishings were all gorgeous and exquisite. Gongsun yuanbo, slightly crooked, reached out to hold the wooden door and walked into the ornate underground chamber. There was no window in the room. Gongsun yuanbo raised his hand to cover his nose and said, Oh! It stinks. What's that smell? The masked man took two steps into the room and sniffed hard. Before he could smell anything, he suddenly saw that Gongsun yuanbo's five fingers were like hooks, like the wind, and he grabbed the vital part of his face. The masked man threw back his upper body and kicked a foot from the bottom, with great force and strength. Gongsun yuanbo had to retreat, but his little finger had hooked the man's face towel, but when he shrank his hand, he pulled the face towel off, revealing his whole face. As soon as he looked, the masked man dared to be Lu Tingzhen, the head of the Zhenbei Bureau. In the heart slightly dazed, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, the hand rises a palm, "call". With a quick clap, he shouted, "Why is Director Lu pretending to be a servant?" Lu Tingzhen waved his hands to meet the attack and replied, "No one can stop Brother Gongsun from running away.." With a bang, Gongsun yuanbo took three steps back. It turned out that his skill was not as deep as Lu Tingzhen's, and his physical strength had not yet recovered very well, so he was able to see the details by comparison. Lu Tingzhen leisurely out of the room, closed the wooden door, only to hear the sound of the lock under the latch. Then a hole opened in the wooden door. Lu Tingzhen looked into the room and saw that Gongsun yuanbo was still there. "Brother Gongsun," he said, "I've offended a lot. Fortunately, don't take it amiss." Gongsun yuanbo snorted, "What do you mean by imprisoning me here?" Lu Tingzhen did not answer the rhetorical question. "What flaw did Brother Gongsun see before he made up his mind to run away from the door?" Gongsun yuanbo said, "I used an excuse to touch this wooden door. My tentacles were cold. I learned that it was made of steel, so I decided not to let you be imprisoned here.". But unexpectedly, Director Lu personally escorted me, and I couldn't escape, which was also a matter of course. "Brother Gongsun must have a lot of questions about our situation," said Lu Tingzhen. Because of this, we have to imprison you. He finally answered Gongsun yuanbo's inquiry, although his answer could not be understood at all. Gongsun yuanbo said, "Is it possible that no one has ever questioned the corruption Bureau except me, Gongsun yuanbo?" "Why not?" Asked Lu Tingzhen. Gongsun yuanbo said, "These people have all been dealt with by the Capital Management Bureau, haven't they?" Lu Tingzhen said, "The corruption Bureau had no choice but to kill him.". I hope brother Gongsun doesn't think we are all cruel and bloodthirsty. Gongsun yuanbo shrugged his shoulders and said, "It doesn't matter what I think now." "I'm afraid that's the case," said Lu Tingzhen. Gongsun yuanbo was silent for a moment. Then he said, "Why didn't Director Lu simply kill me?" "It's not time yet," said Lu Tingzhen. "Don't worry, Brother Gongsun." When Gongsun yuanbo heard this, he was both angry and amused. He thought to himself, "Is there anyone in the world who is eager to die?" He did not want to say much, looked back, and retreated to a couch in the corner, covered with finely embroidered silk mattresses, where he lay comfortably with a lazy air. Lu Tingzhen's eyes never disappeared, carefully looking at Gongsun yuanbo's manner and expression. After a while, he suddenly said: "Forgive me, Brother Gongsun, but there are three things I have to explain." Gongsun yuanbo thought, "This man has a small style. He has three things to do as soon as he opens his mouth.". I'd like to hear what the three things are. Then he nodded and said, "Director Lu, just give orders." Lu Tingzhen first said, "I dare not." Then he said, "The first thing is that the food sent by our Bureau is absolutely non-toxic. Please rest assured to eat it so as not to weaken your physical strength in vain." "What's the use of my physical strength?" Gongsun yuanbo exclaimed. Lu Tingzhen did not answer, but added,24v Gear Motor, "The second thing is that outside this doorway, there are people guarding it in shifts day and night.". The watchman has been ordered to watch you from time to time, so please don't attack. 。 ichgearmotor.com