Since OSRS for mobile has been released, many players will be starting out their journey in Gielinor or returning to the game after many years. Here we will outline a few tips for players to earn more OSRS GP .

With game as developed as RuneScape, you can probably think of several ways to earn some OSRS Gold to sell later on. The Old School RuneScape players creativity is truly a proof that humanity was created as a picture of God.


Every MMORPG game has its farming methods. It's basics.

However, RuneScape is not one of these games that will make it hard for you in terms of farming. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Old School RuneScape sometimes feels as if farming was the main purpose of the game. Who knows, maybe it is?

Of course, you can go for PvE or PvP, you are free to wander in the Wilderness and PK unaware victims, but how long will it provide you with fun? We say - not for long.

“But farming will not give you fun!” some may say. They’re right, tedious, laborious, mundane farming is boring as hell, but it makes you money. Quite a lot of money, to be fair.

We will not go through every farming method in-depth. We’re describing them thoroughly in the OSRS money making guide. We only want to warn you, that some methods are available for free users, and some of them are exclusive for members.

Try to return items

Flipping works just as well for individual items as it does for items that you accumulate in bulk. The basic concept is that you buy an item for a certain price and then turn around and sell it for a higher price. A great way to make a profit is to review price guides online. Find out how the different elements work in the different worlds. You may be able to find cheap items in one area that you can resell at a profit in another area. It’s a much better idea to earn OSRS money.


In theory, it is the easiest one in terms of flipping, but the practice shows it may be the hardest. It requires patience, knowledge, time, and a little bit of luck. Some addons might be helpful.

When the game has so many players as RS07, there is a significant likelihood, that someone sometime will need to get OSRS Gold . He will take his most precious item, that he know that is expensive, and place it for an abnormally low price on the market. If you manage to snatch this item, you may have just earned 50 m or 100 m GP with just a few clicks.

However, you have to possess certain knowledge of the value of things. You have to be able to tell whether specific weapon is listed for a normal, too low, or too high price on the fly. The time, that you’d need to check the particular item’s average price is the time that an experienced OSRS trader needs to use the opportunity. You can’t let that happen, if you are thinking about this money making method seriously.

Bulk flipping

Sniping is very satisfying. One trade giving you a considerable profit will always be an icing on the cake. However, one good trade from time to time is irregular and unreliable, to say the least.

It is why people began to bulk flipping. They take a large amount of items that are currently popular on the market and trade them in a bunch. Even a small margin may result in a massive profit if the amount of items is big enough.

The downside of bulk flipping is that you need a big initial capital or item stock.

Reverse bulk flipping

This one is hard option, with many risks, requiring a ton of knowledge along with huge cojones. We do not recommend this method for beginners.

When you are bulk flipping, and you buy a certain item out of the market, the price automatically rises. Then you post your offer guaranteeing higher price for the goods you bought low. Reverse flipping happens when you do it the opposite way. You sell the item in a bunch for a lower price, undercutting bit by bit, which makes the overall price go down. Then, as the price goes down to a satisfying level, you buy everything out, making slight profit.

Just like in the case of regular bulk flipping, you need resources, both items and Gold coins.

The knowledge part is crucial, when you can predict the upcoming price changes. If you manage to flow on the market wave, you can end up with a massive income.

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